What is Theta Healing®

Live and feel better with Theta healing

Want to improve your life, overcome various problems, improve family and environments, fix the state of health in a simple and effective way? Theta Healing is a technique that can greatly help you in all of this! But, first, let we explain what is Theta Healing.

What is Theta Healing

Theta Healing is an ancient energy and spiritual technique of self-development that was re-discovered and developed by American healer Vianna Stibal in the 1990s. Usually, it is defined as a healing technique that acts on a mental, emotional and physical level.

In this technique, theta brain waves of low frequency are used in working with the subconscious mind. Otherwise, these waves are most often achieved in deep meditation.But Vajana has found a method which does not imply entry into deep meditation but nevertheless provides access to the subconscious where negative contents (blockages, traumas, fears) can be easily changed which leads to significantly improved quality of life.

Remember your childhood, your dreams, desires, plans, and fantasies. How much has been achieved and how much has been prevented by some invisible forces and influences that you have encountered during the course of your life? These influences are not by others, but by yourself, by your subconsciousness.

In short, the Theta healing helps you regain your own power, to be what you always wanted to be and what you really are in your essence!

Theta Healing - Theta isceljivanje

Live better.
Feel better.

You want to improve your life, overcome various problems, enhance relationships in your family and surroundings, and improve your health condition…? And all of this in a simple and effective way? Theta Healing is a technique that can significantly help you with all of this!

For a better understanding of this technique, it is necessary to explain what the negative contents of the subconsciousness are: subconscious blockades and negative beliefs, and how they affect our everyday life.

Subconscious blockades

People create their own life and everything that happens to them, by force of their subconsciousness. The subconsciousness contains beliefs and feelings that are largely the opposite of conscious desires and beliefs. It is this very noticeable discrepancy between the conscious and subconscious parts of the human mind that often confuses them and prevents them from understanding the true cause of various problems, illnesses and blockages in life.

Subconscious Blockades: These are mostly fears, phobias, and various traumas acquired during childhood and during lifetime. In addition, there are also traumas and feelings from the fetal period that we have taken from our parents, inherited from the family ancestors and even from the groups of people we belong to.

There are still some “invisible” subconscious influences (blockades): vows, oaths, obligations, and attachments that are interwoven with beliefs and build a powerful, blocking pattern that we think and function upon.

Negative beliefs

Belief is a subjective truth. An individual thinks that what he believes in and experiences is truth and reality for all other people.

All kinds of beliefs – both good and limiting – are formed through parenting, people around us and later through education. Practically, EVERYTHING can influence formation of a belief as well as TV, art, belonging to different groups as well as all the content we come into contact with during our lives.

Duality of belief

In believing, there is often a division – ambivalence (two contradictory opinions about one phenomenon at the same time) that puts the individual in a “vicious circle” without a clear idea how to get out of it and how to get rid of such beliefs.

Example: Many times I met people who say: “I want to be successful and rich and I like being successful and rich” “I love money because I can do good and noble things,” etc. At the same time, in their subconsciousness there are the opposite beliefs: “I hate money,” “Money is cursed” or “Money is dirty,” “I will be robbed because I am rich,” etc. Such beliefs, in people who have achieved success and acquired money, lead to situations that are extremely unfavorable to them: for example, loss of money, job loss, dissatisfaction. They can also lead to family and interpersonal problems. The individual remains tensed and does not understand why he is not satisfied with the achievement he has made with so much effort.

The same goes for family, love, business and partner relationships: positive attitudes conflict with a subconsciousness that can be contrary to conscious thinking. We want to be loved, satisfied, successful, fulfilled and happy, and subconsciously bear, hatred towards ourselves, feeling guilty, deep dissatisfaction, emptiness, indignation, anger, resentment toward both ourselves and others.

In short, whatever their origin, we see beliefs as our own and we act accordingly. Based on our own beliefs, prejudices, illusions and delusions about ourselves, life, success, failure, money, partnership, God, etc., we make decisions and choices, fight or quit, create friends and enemies, and very rarely, or never , we do stop to question if what we believe in is correct or not.

Trauma and fears

Usually, it is thought that traumas are unpleasant experiences that we have experienced ourselves. However, many traumas have been created indirectly: something unpleasantly seen in life or even in a movie can create a feeling in the subconsciousness as if it was personally experienced.

Subconscious has no logic to distinguish what is good for the individual and what is harmful. It only records everything, like when you type text and save it to your computer’s disk. The difference is that you read the text on your computer when you open the document again, but the content recorded in the subconscious is active even when you are sleeping. Simply, you do not have an influence over when and how it will activate, what kind of unusual associations and combinations it will make in the subconsciousness and thus affect everyday life.

Exposing subconscious blockades and negative beliefs

The manifestation of subconscious contents in life is manifested through various problems and symptoms disturbing the quality of life of an individual: a lack of self-confidence, stamina, obesity, depression, stress, anger, emotional instability, inability to express one’s own potentials, feeling guilty, jealousy, , shyness, feeling of being rejected, obsession, financial problems, bad interpersonal relationships, different forms of addiction … There is almost no end to the enumeration.

This is the answer on the question What is Theta Healing in short.

How can Theta Healing help in removing blockages and improving the quality of life

Theta Healing allows you to remove subconscious blockades, negative beliefs and feelings, trauma and fears, and using this technique can be “cured” and altered any segment of life or any condition in which we are.

However, it should be emphasized that problems and symptoms in different people may be similar, but the cause for each individual is different. Precisely, the finding and removing the cause is the goal of theta healing.

As a result of the work with this technique, there are profound changes in the person, her relationships with others and in her everyday life. So, Theta Healing online sessions can be a great help in solving many problems! Now, when you know what is Theta Healing let me speak about treatments.

What the Theta treatment looks like

During a theta treatment, the client is awake and aware and cooperates with the therapist. The key work of this technique is done through a process called “digging subconsciousness”. This process takes place through a conversation with a client in order to discover and change deep, fundamental blockades, negative beliefs and feelings that create a problem or illness.

It is important to emphasize that theta practitioner changes belief, feeling, trauma or fear only if the client verbally accepts and approves it. There is no arbitrary re-programming by theta practitioners.

How often should you go to Theta treatment

There are no rules for determining the number of treatments in advance regardless of the problem. After the first treatment, the person will feel it alone and when it should come again.. . .

Do you have additional questions, ambiguities, doubts? You wonder how Theta Healing can help you? Contact me by e-mail with questions and you will receive an answer in the shortest possible time. Or book a session on the Sessions page.

Personal Experience

“Each time I requested a sessions from Vesna, I received a great quality healing work with an immediate relief and also progressive improvement of the problematic situation I came with. Vesna is digging dip down till the root problem and her sessions always gave me a new understanding of what was going on or helped to see my behavior from a different angle, which created a shift in me and allowed for something new to be born. It is just empowering to know that I can get this support when it is needed.”

Irina R.